OFFICIAL MEMBER OF NRB (US National Religious Broadcasters).

Our corporation is a corporation as defined in subparagraph (a) of section 102 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law of United States of America.

The purposes for which the our corporation is formed are:

  • To collect contributions and donations from individuals and organizations, gather humanitarian aid, such as non-perishable food, clothing and other materials to help the needy people in the former USSR;
  • To fund and support Christian Radio and TV in the countries of the former USSR; To fund and support radio and TV programs on Christian topics in the USA for immigrants from the former USSR in their own language.


  • Rev. Andrey Nekrasov - President
  • Yevgeniy Ruban - Vice President
  • Galina Nekrasova - Secretary
  • Rev. Andrei Lazarev - Trustee
  • Matt Tuter - Trustee (Retired)

Our last Board of Directors Meeting on 634 Ave "Y" Brooklyn, NY 11235
(from right: Yevgeniy Ruban, Rev. Andrei Lazarev & Rev. Andrey Nekrasov)

Our Main Office at 634 Avenue "Y" in South Brooklyn, NY 11235 and our Radio Ministry on the East Coast were seriously effected by Hurricane "Sandy"


  • Slavic listeners of all countries, Stay in touch! (Joint venture project between Radio Center in Moscow, RCRC & our local partners)
  • Radio Center, Moscow, Russia to reach more than 20,000,000 native Russian people and more than 1,000,000 native English-speaking people that live and work in Russia!
  • Beth Shalom Media - to reach Russian Jewish people in US and around the World.
  • Radio & TV Programs Laboratory - to produce NEW principal versions of Christian programs to reach non-believers.
  • LPFM (Low Power FM radio) and Full Power Educational FM stations - to reach more than 5,000,000 Russian-speaking people in the United States.
  • Russian Broadcasters Fellowship


Radio Center, Moscow, Russia
  • Beth Shalom Center Church, New York, USA

    • Pastor Rev. Juri Popov (Beth Shalom Center Russian Non-denominantional Church in NYC and NJ)
    • Pastor Rev. Vasiliy Siredich (Russian Penticostal Church, Hagerstown, MD))
    • Pastor Rev. Nikolay Novik (Russian Pentecostal Union adviser, Philadephia)
    • Pastor Rev. Nikolay Belousov (Resurrection Power Church, PA)
    • Pastor Rev. Andrey Lazarev (Moscow Church)
    • Michael Edelstain (Finacial adviser)
    • Mr. Antony Scarbonne (Christian businessman)
    • Pastor Rev. Vasiliy Gaydaychuk


    Russian Christian Radio Center, Inc has been approved as a tax exempt non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code in the United States of America. All contributions sent to us are fully tax deductible.


    1. To support airtime of Christian Radio Center in Moscow, Russia:
      15 min- $45;
      30 min- $75;
      60 min- $120;
    2. To support Radio Center' one employee in Moscow: $600 monthly;
    3. To support Radio Center' studio equipment:
      You can donate physical equipment, such as CD and MD professional;
      players and recorders, computers, printers. They strongly need in new;
      ANALOG (NOT digital) Studio Console (Mixer).
      Or you can donate money for it: $300 for CD player $500 for CD recorder, $350 for MD recorder, $800 for computer, $200 for printer, $300 for new Analog Studio Mixer.
    4. Also, you can donate to increase Moscow transmitter' power up to 40,000 watts: $60 more an hour.
    5. To support our airtime on AM station in New York City:
      30 min- $600;
      60 min- $1,200;
    6. To support our airtime in PA through 50,000 watts multicaltural power in Philadelphia (WNWR 1540AM):
      30 min- $150;
      60 min- $300;
    7. To support our airtime on AM stations in Chicago, IL :
      30 min- $300;
      60 min- $600;
    8. To support our LMFM projects:
      $6,000 applications package fees;
      $15,000 studio equipment package;
      $7,000 Low power FM transmitter;
      $7,000 antenna tower;
    9. To support our Internet project:
      Three computers: $1,000 each (including monitors)
    10. To support TV production equipment for our new TV studio that located on 634 Ave "Y" in Brooklyn:
      Three new cameras: $20,000 each, $60,000 total;
      Light: $10,000
    11. To support our airtime on local Russian TV in US (RTN) you can support just our new video equipment to produce a required quality and airtime can be FREE for us!
    12. New office space rent in Brooklyn, NY: $2,000 monthly.


    The check should be made payable to:
    Russian Christian Radio Center, Inc.

    Please, write in the "MEMO line" your support chooses from list above

    The Address where your checks  should be sent to:
    Russian Christian Radio Center, Inc.,

    Our Head Office:
    634 Avenue "Y",
    Brooklyn, NY 11235

    Our West Coast Office:
    44 SE 60th Ave.,
    Portland, OR 97215

    E-mail: rcrcS@Sradiocenter.net

    Phone: 1-347-247-3839

    Here is very first minutes of organization of RCRC back to February 2001

    Here is our friends from Russian Church in Hagerstown, MD.

    Here is our Radio & TV Broadcasting Training Center in Middle Creek area, PA.
    Special report from NRB 2008 in Nashville, TN

    ....with Dave Manney- NRB Memeber Relations

    ...with Robert C. Heerspink- BTGH' Director

    ...with Valeriy Kitsen- NETCOM DIGITAL RADIO' President

    ...with Yuriy Korotkov (right) and David Ponomar (right from Andrey Nekrasov): "Diaspora"- Slavic Community newspaper' Editor and President

    ....with Hannu Haukka- IRRTV' President (Finland)

    .... with Dr. Ron Cline & his wife Barbara- HCJB Global

    ...with Peter Billingham- Russian Service Director of "Christian Vision", UK

    Amazing Dinner at Restaurante "Violare" with staff of "Insight For Living": Shalini Patras (right from Andrey Nekrasov), Brian Leicht- VP Int Ministry (left) and Bill Gemaehlich- Exc President & Chief Operating Officer.
    "Radio Beth Shalom" (House of Peace) was nominated to participate in the 2009 NRB (US National Religious Broadcasters) Annual Media Award selection process for Radio Program of the Year - Long Form.
    "Radio Beth Shalom" (House of Peace) is a Russian-language project whose goal is to create a bridge of love and friendship between the Russian-speaking Jewish people and Christians. Thanks to a joint effort of the US-based Russian churches, we are reaching out to more than 4 million non-believing Russian immigrants scattered in the large area from Maryland to Southern New York and Chicago, IL as well.

    Our Very First air: Pastor Juri Popov (right) and Andrey Nekrasov- Producer and Host

    Our Radio group after Live Air right to left: Olga Griffin, Lena Sakayeva, Pastor Juri Popov, Andrey Nekrasov, Alex Izbinskey and Pastor Slava Samoylich.

    Interview with Pastor Nikolay Novik

    Interview with Andrey Ageyev- Rev of the Russian Orthodox Church in Reading, PA

    Meeting with our listeners with believers

    Meeting with our listeners with non believer

    We're on the Air in Chicago through the most popular Russian Radio "New Life".
    Andrey Nekrasov with Natasha Altman, Program Director (right) and Lena Ostrov, Director of Sales & Marketing (left).

    Pastor Vasiliy Gaydachuk and Andrey Nekrasov records few very first words for Russian program in Chicago.

    At the Studio of "THE WORD 1220AM" in Cleveland, OH.
    Rev. Andrey Nekrasov with local Church leader Rev. Anton Goroshko (front) and Station manager Mr. Scott Soza

    Inside the Cleveland' Slavic Pentecostal Church after first program recording.


    NEW!!!  You can read English translation of our Russian programs   HERE!!!