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"Beth Shalom Radio"

 Total running time: 58 min, 36 sec.

Theme: "Jew by birth, Jew in Spirit"

Host: Andrey Nekrasov
In the studio:
Pastor Yuri Popov, guest speakers: Natalia Gumennaya, Vita Rimskaya, Sasha Izbinsky, Andrew Lazarev and Elena Sakaeva.


All present in the studio are Jews, some by birth, some in Spirit.

Natalia Gumennaya – "Jew in Spirit". She explains why. In the beginning she gives her short testimony.


 “How do we make our way in this world, where the abundant offers of spiritual food are pressing from all sides: “Try me! – I am the best!” It is amazing, but God also offers Himself in the Holy Scriptures: “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!” My path of understanding and knowledge was a long winding path. I was attracted by diverse religions and movements, but when I met evangelical Christians my heart was opened toward the Lord.  I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the fact that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Messiah for Israel and the entire world. This is my position of faith.  He died for redemption from our sins and the punishment of the world was upon Him. None of the leaders or founders of religions died for us, but Jesus alone died for us.  I am really happy as that merchant that found the pearl of great price!


Alexander Izbinksky  - "Jew by birth".


Host’ Q: "What does it mean for you to be a Jew?  Is it only by birth or it carries a deeper meaning for you personally?"

A: This is not an easy question.  To answer it we have to go back to that county where I was born and lived, which was my motherland.  Living in the Soviet Union, I was not aware of who I am and why do I live.  I didn’t know anything about my roots. I lived just as others, not giving it much thought.  All I knew is that I was a Jew.  But this was until the moment when I came to our blessed

America. I moved to the place where there was a large community of orthodox Jews.  They invited us as Jews, so that we would get to know the culture and identify ourselves as Jews.  I visited, and even though I didn’t feel much, I began to realize myself as a part of a great nation.  I began to understand that God exists and He is real.  There came a feeling of pride that I belong to a nation of God.  My visits ended there.  Time passed and I saw an ad in the newspaper, calling to get to know the Messiah of Israel. I came and was immersed into this wonderful atmosphere. I understood that the story which is written in the New Testament is the truth.  I compared what I know from the Old Testament with what I got to know from the New.  I understood that these are inseparable books The Lord touched me in the most amazing way.  When they asked in church who wants to get baptized in water I raised my hand without doubt.  I am not only a Jew, but as a Jew I became a part of God’s people. 


The broadcaster is joking about announcing a contest on this show for the most charming and beautiful Jewish lady.

Vita Rimsky – "Jew by birth".

I came to God not realizing myself as a Jew in the measure I needed.  I was never interested in Judaism because in Soviet Union there were not many opportunities for it.  When I was looking for the meaning of life I studied eastern religions and occult.  But when I opened the Bible, it quickly became the favorite book on the shelf. I began to be interested in Judaism.  I came to Rabbi and asked whether I should be baptized.  His answer was: “Why, you are Jewish.” I felt that I was a Jew when the threats of anti-Semitism were looming. But all of it didn’t draw me closer to the Lord. It was strange to me, but the name of Jesus brought a deep stirring to my heart and tears to my eyes.  God touched me in the most amazing way.  My turning to Jesus took place.  I ran to Him as to the ‘pure source of Truth’ because He said: “I am the truth and the way, and life and no one comes to the Father but through Me. “ In the beginning I felt a bit uneasy, a Christian among the Jews.  But it was real. I began to realize myself as a part of God’s people.  I understood that I am in covenant.  To be a Jew for me is to be a part of God’s people that are in the eternal covenant with God


Broadcaster continues to joke about the contest for the most charming and beautiful Jewish lady. What does it mean to be a real Jewish lady? This probably means to be the most beautiful woman on earth.

Lena Sakaeva – "Jew by birth".


It is said that in the beginning Abraham was not a Jew.  To be a Jew means - "to come from the other side”. To be a Jew is a lifestyle. It means to walk with God, to praise God and listen to God. I never read the Bible or Torah. Then she tells of a dream which she had while still in the Soviet Union.   She had a dream about her grandmother that was dead a long time ago.  In the dream the grandma was embroidering the shirt and said: “Jesus will descend soon.” I asked: “We are Jews, what does it matter for us?” The grandma answered: “You don’t understand. He is the son of God. I asked:  "Can I remain?" And then I saw a form of a man.   He simply smiled and said:  "You are going to have a child and when he will desire to believe in God do not prevent him."  At that time I was pregnant. This dream shook me. I began to think about God. When I came to America, I found my God and I found Jesus, the Son of God, my Messiah.  


Host: “But what do you think? Don’t be shy, give us a call in the studio at the following number.”

In our studio – Pastor of a Russian speaking church, Yuri Popov.

Q: We are discussing a very interesting theme. How does it relate to Christianity, especially at this uncertain time, when the threat of anti-Semitism grows?

  Yes, it is true, the anti-Semitism grows and not all the Christians want to identify themselves with the Jews. Pastor makes an example from his own meeting with a rabbi, who said that there is a ‘Jewish soul’ in every human being, but in a Jew it is in a greater measure. I hold the position taken by Apostle Paul, who wrote the Letter to Romans.  Even then, in Rome there were some anti Jewish moods. Apostle Paul said that the adoption and glory and laws and service to God and all promises belong to Jews, which are inherited by Christians. That is why we need to be thankful to the Jews. We live in uncertain times. Today the church has to support Israel, stand for Israel. We have to raise our voice and support Jews on every level.  We have to be together with the Jewish nation, with Israel


Then Pastor tells about the sources of anti Semitism.  He says that from Shem were born not only Jews but also Arabs and other nations. The word itself “anti-Semitism” is not entirely exact.  God chose one nation and revealed Himself to it in order that this nation would teach all the other nations of the earth how to worship God. He gives examples, excerpts from books.


How come anti-Semitism exists for thousands of years, but Jews became stronger and stronger? This is a question for which many don’t find answer.  Why Jews? What is the explanation for it? There were so many attempts to destroy Jewish nation. 


Pastor’s personal testimony:

 He comes from a family of believers.  His father, back in Soviet Union always said: “Jews are God’s nation and we have to bless them.” This is all that my father knew.  Today Israel is the epicenter of world’s attention. A tiny strip of land. We have to pray for Jewish nation, pray for this small piece of land.  Behind all the animosity toward the Jews there is an activity of Satan. It is written in the Bible that at the last times God will restore Israel and Israel will be victorious.  When this happens the enemy will be defeated.  We believe that Jesus came from the Jewish nation.  We believe in the plan of God for this nation.


Pastor cites the Scriptures about the last times.

PHONE CALL comes into studio:

Sergei heard this broadcast for the first time. Q.:  Where does it say that Jesus was a Jew?

Answer by pastor:

Where you can read this. You can take prophet Isaiah and the Gospel of Mathew.  Compare the genealogies which will bring you to Jesus.  This is a historic fact. Even many Jewish rabbis say that Jesus is a Jewish teacher and we should be proud of Him.   

Host: Lets summarize everything that has been said. Is Christian a Jew by spirit?

Pastor answers by words from the Scriptures.  We, as Christians received promises from Jesus Christ.  Praying for Jews and Israel we are approaching the coming of Christ.

Host thanks everyone for the participation in this program, makes advertisements about Slavic Christian churches and Christian meetings in NY, NJ and PA.








"Beth Shalom Radio"

Total running time: 56 min 49 sec.

Host: Andrey Nekrasov

Theme: "Spiritual Diplomacy."




In the beginning there is a short story about a trip to Florida for the Festival of Slavic Christian Song and a promise that soon we will hear the full report about the event.
We want to offer to you a talk show with the President of the Foundation of “ Spiritual Diplomacy” Dr. Michael Morgulis.

MM: I am very happy to be here.

Host: You Foundation was formed a while ago. What exactly do you do?

M.M.: The Foundation carries the name of the concept of “Spiritual Diplomacy.” This is a new international spiritually-political concept, which is supported by UN and a part of US Congress. This concept makes its aim to stop the world conflicts with the help of spiritual values of the conflicting sides. For example: a conflict between Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Jews. Spiritual Diplomacy takes the most important values from the spiritual ideology of conflicting sides and with their help attempts to bring conflict to a halt.  With these principles we undertook a series of meetings primarily in Israel and Palestine, in Cyprus, Belarus, Ukraine and Chechnya. We meet with the leaders of countries and leaders of oppositions. If we change the heart and position of a leader then the situation in the country has a chance to change.  Unfortunately it does not happen every time. Money and politics succeed more then the spiritual values. But we have one very important argument.  2000 years ago one individual without soldiers, tanks or finances overcame the world, overcame the world with love. It was Jesus Christ. And we do not do anything new, we just try to do what He did. This is our main idea.


Host’ Q.: How does your foundation function? Most likely you go where they need the help of "Spiritual Diplomacy" the most?  

M.M:  Yes, we go to places where people need and are interested in our help.

M.M. gives examples of their work in Chechnya, Israel, Palestine and Haiti. He tells of representatives of the foundation in different countries. "We try to widen the sphere of our activity. Our aim is not only to stop the conflicts between countries but to stop conflicts inside of the person, which is very important. If we will be able to stop conflicts within many people, then the conflicts will stop in the world.  

Host:  For example?

M.M.: Well, for example the conflict of a man with himself. We want to show that every person is God’s creation.  The same creation as for example president of the US or president of Russia, or the rich and famous people.  In the eyes of God we all have the same value. When the person realizes it, he/she can overcome self. The person will become victorious over self and any situation in life. Different situations happen in life.


The conversation continues on how we can help people in specific situations. If the person understands that he/she is connected with the Creator, their strength triples and he/she understands that the life is not over.  

Host:  "Connection with Creator" – is it from a Christian point of view? What do you mean it?

  There cannot be many Creators. He is One. There is the only God and Creator for all nations. When I speak of a Creator I mean the Creator of which is written in Torah, Bible. Koran actually also mentions God and Christ...It is important to have the right approach to a representative of any religion. In this way we can help to find a common ground and communication between Jews and Arabs. The Lord gave a soul to every person as an instrument through which the person can be heard. We help people to use this instrument correctly.

Host:  Please, give us some examples of your work in this direction, such as testimonies, etc.


M.M.:  Gives different examples

- We often visit Israel. We keep friendship with sports clubs of Israel. We asked the Israeli basketball team to recruit some basketball players who are Palestinians. They agreed. The similar actions could help to further shorten the distance between Israelis and Palestinians. We cannot make the love one another, but they should learn to tolerate one another in this life. The main Christian tenet is patience and humility


M.M.: gave an example when he helped to rescue an American priest from the pit in Chechnya captivity. He was released.

 I hope that after our conversation your program can keep the people which are within your radio signal from crime, ethnic and religious animosity. I hope that together with you we will continue to restore this spiritual connection on air.  

Host:  I also hope that after our show we will also acquire this term of spiritual diplomacy. Actually, this is what we do in our programs. 

To close there is an announcement of the future broadcast and addresses of the churches in NY , NJ and PA.









"Beth Shalom Radio"

Total running time: 56 min 04 sec.

Host: Andrey Nekrasov

Assistant: Olga Griffin

ThemeA report of meetings with the listeners of our program, meetings with pastors of churches that support us. “Friendship between churches, friendship between the Jews and Christians, friendship between all people.”


( Synopsis)

In the beginning:  an ad about the times for the program, frequency, address, phone # done in the humorous way. An announcement of meeting with the listeners at Slavic Festival in Ephrata, PA

Interview with Vasiliy Siredich  - Pastor of Russian Evangelical church in Hagerstown, MD who visited our studio in NY.


V.S.: tells us how he listens to our broadcasts. He speaks shortly about his church.

Host: Your church helps our radio ministry. In fact even when we were not yet on air, this was the first church that believed in our ministry and blessed us. Pastor Vasiliy, is it true that you immigrated with the Israeli visa and that you are one of the descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel?

V.S.: Yes, this is true. We moved to the US in 1989 with the Israeli visa and at any point we can become the citizens of Israel.

Host:  How does your church relate to God’s chosen people? What work do you do?


V.S.: tells that his church supports Jewish people and Israel. At these times many turn to Christianity.

Host:  How can we cooperate on the radio?

V.S.: Radio is one of the most important media tools. We will continue to financially support and help you.

Host: Any wishes to our Jewish brothers?

V.S.:  This is a chosen nation, blessed of the Lord. Because of this nation we got to know our Lord and Savior. Our prayer and our desire is that this nation together with us would kneel down and wait for the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ. Seek the Lord and You will find Him. Just as we have.


Christian hymn in Russian: "Amazing Grace"

Host: We are visiting the church of “New Life” in Philadelphia, PA. Pastor Nikolay Novik.

Pastor N: We are so happy to see you, welcome to our service!

Host: Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get to America?

Pastor N shortly gives him testimony.

Host: Was it difficult for you to gather such a multitude of people in your church here, in the US?


Pastor N: I didn’t do it, the Lord did. People are hungry for the Lord, they rush to go to church. In our church people of different nationalities serve the Lord.

Host:  In your area there are many Russian churches. Why your church has such a popularity?  

Pastor N:  We gather at the synagogue building. We are very happy that there were Jewish meetings here prior to us. We respect the Jews and love them. We count them for elder brothers because in the Bible it says that the salvation is from the Jews. In this temple the name of God was always praised and continues to be praised. This attracts people.

Host:  What do you like and what you do not like in our programs?

Pastor N:  We are supporting this program. We are praying for an abundant blessings of God upon you. It is so needed for all of us living here, like a breath of fresh air in the heat! You are doing a big important job and we are so thankful to you.

Host: This is not a secret that one of the aims of our programs is to unite all Slavic churches in one project. So that all the churches could be friends at least within the boarders of this project. What would you like to wish for other pastors and visitors of their churches in our program?

Pastor N:   In the Scriptures it says: You are strong in unity. We together have to present and declare spiritual values.

Host: Your wishes for our listeners as we close.

Pastor N:  Listen to this broadcast with utmost attention! If you have questions – call us. We with joy will answer every phone call! I want to say that many listeners are calling already and I am so thankful for their sincere advice and response.

We continue the program doing an interview with a Jew that came to meet us in church but didn’t want to enter in. He asked for us to speak with him in the church office. His name is Greg Nulman, he is a producer of Jewish theater in Philadelphia city.

He said that always listens to our program, every Friday when he comes from work. For him our attitude to Jews, Jewish culture and Israel was a big revelation! He read a lot about the history of religion, but this relation of Christian to Jews was an eye opener. “Where were you before?” He said that he is very happy that there is a so many Christians who want to build a closer relationship between Jews and Christians. He came to see us, fellowship and make friends. He never in his life was to church and wanted to see what it is.  It’s amazing that many don’t even know that Jesus was a Jew according to the flesh. He wanted to ask help from our program in cooperation with their theater “Let’s be friends and work together!”


The program continues with the sermon by Pastor Rev. Sergei Sosedkin: “Back to God.”


Who is the most prominent giver and philanthropist of our day? The sermon is about a poor widow and her giving from the Gospel of Mark 12:41. She did the biggest offering. The sacrifice of this widow teaches us not only the financial giving for the kingdom of God, but more then that it teaches us a sacrificial love towards God. We are speaking here not only about our soul, but also about time, strength, talents and of course finances. Lord, help us to bring our offering into the Kingdom of God.!


The sermon ends the program and broadcaster is exhorting the listeners to help the radio ministry which is so needed by us all!


Christian song in Russian: "Give us strength, Lord to stand!"