Radio Station Center AM 1503 kHz


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Our Main Office at 634 Avenue "Y" in South Brooklyn, NY 11235 and our Radio Ministry on the East Coast were seriously effected by Hurricane "Sandy" : There are still sea water at our office and much work and money needed to fix everything back to normal:
All of our Studio and Office equipment was completely destroyed by sea salt water from the ocean: computers, consoles, CD & MD Decks, CD's, MD's DVD's, headphones, microphones, cables, telephones, tables, chairs and the documents:
Praise God, we saved some of the equipment to our North-West Office, 6 months earlier in advance! It's amazing miracle! Anyway, our Radio Ministry in East Coast is completely paralyzed for many, many months: Our Radio Ministry in Moscow, Russia & in US West Coast are also tragically effected by "Sandy"!
We share our building together with Russian "Beth Shalom Center" Church, which much strongly effected by "Sandy"!
Dear brothers & sisters, we greatly need your prayer and financial support. Please, pray for quick restoration and finances to cover all it's needs. Our estimate cost to fix everything back to normal is $150,000.
May God richly bless you!
You can help us.