Radio Station Center AM 1503 kHz

Welcome to the Radio Center's wave

Welcome to the Radio Centerís wave! 

The First Christian non-denominational radio channel for the Russian-speaking people, since 1992.

Our radio format is preaching and teaching. Our program policy is geared toward non-believers and those searching for the meaning of life. We think that the radio should bring such people to Christ. This is our goal.

Our programming consists of:

  • Concise news on Christian themes;

  • Reviews of Russian and foreign publications;

  • Bible studies, sermons, answers to listenersí questions, pastorís hour;

  • Live round table discussions with prominent Christian leaders, interviews, news reports;

  • Youth, childrenís, and science programming;

  • Live Reports our correspondents from the Holly Land, USA and Germany;

  • Classical and contemporary Christian music.

And all of this in a modern format and easily understood by everyone.

Among our partners are the world famous broadcasters: The Back to God Hour, Family Radio, "The Bible Today" and Evangelical Baptist Church in Moscow region, Guidelines International Ministries, KJV Russian Translation Ministries, Jack Van Impe, Integrity Media Agency, New Fields Ministry, Greater Grace World Outreach, Historical Renewal Ministry, Beth Shalom Media and much more others.

We also would like to invite you to become a partner with us. Together we can truly make a difference in this World by preaching the Gospel through the airwaves to reaching out Russian-speaking people!

"The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proklame the work of His hands"
(Psalm 19 KJV)