Radio Station Center AM 1503 kHz Photo Album
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Here is a VERY HISTORICAL PICTURE. Andrey Nekrasov with Eugeniy Kiriyanov, who was the former Chief of the Soviet radio jamming service and the former Vice President of "The Main Center for Control of Broadcasting Network". He jammed Christian programs back to the "Soviet time" but, gave us the "green corridor" and called our Christian project in Russia: "CENTER".

Program Director - face-to-face toward to listeners.

Russian Orthodox Program "Logos".
Archimandrite Ioann (Ekhonomtsev), Eugeniya Perstenyova - Regent of the Orthodox chorus, Valentin Nikitin.

We have control our Moscow transmitter' signal
quality daily at the dark time through Web controlled real radio located in
Malmo-city in Sweden!

Serguei Sossedkine - Russian editor of
"The Back to God Hour" Radio Ministry,
Andrey Nekrasov - "Moscow Calling",
weekly commercial DX program

"The Bible League Presents" Wally Kulakoff (rigth) and Vladimir Shvetz

"Hi, This is an Epitsenter of Contemporary Christian Music with Denis and
Rebecca Volkov!"

Moscow International Airport Sheremetievo II,
28 April, 2000.
Live Air with legendary Valery Barinov
(Soviet Clandestine music group "Trumpet Call")

Our very first partner is Jakov Lowen (left) with Andrey Nekrasov near our representative office's building in New York City.

Here is "Radio Family" of "Family Radio":
Andrey Nekrasov with KFTL Manager and WFME Manager

The pioneers of Russian Christian broadcasting Constantine and Elezabeth Lewshenia telling our listeners about the first Christian broadcast in Russian from Ecuador.
It was their very last air...

Andrey Nekrasov speaks at the Russian Church.

Here is four Pastors on the Special Christmas night Live Air.
Left to right: Leonid Serguenko- First Pastor of the huge Russian Baptist Church in Moscow, Vladimir Tarbayev- former Charismatic Pastor and our current Studio Engineer, Yugo Van Nikerk- “Jesus in Lord“ Church Pastor from South Africa, Vasely Lastochkin- Evangelical Greater Grace Church Pastor.

Olivia Herlihi - our volunteer from the UK. August, 2001. She got to know us from our Internet site and she came to help us.

On Christian Coalition for Izrael. Washington DC, Oct. 2002.
Left to right: Andrey Nekrasov, Pastor Juri Popov, Mikhail Morgulis, Dr. Ben Armstrong, Yuriy Mezenko.

9-11/2002: America remembers. Special Live Air from New York with special guests. Zoya Parkhomenko (left) worked at the building near WTC.

...with WNWR 1540AM Station Manager.
Russian Radio and TV Religious broadcaster's historical meeting on NRB Conference 02-09-2003, Nashville, TN, USA: RNRB (Russian National Religious Broadcasters) was created. Michael Morgulis has been unanimously elected Chairman of RNRB, Andrey Nekrasov (the initiator of this meeting) has been unanimously elected Vice-Chairman of RNRB.

From left to right: Andrey Nekrasov (Radio Center), Alex Leonovich (Slavic Gospel), Dr. Ben Armstrong (creator of NRB), Michael Morgulis(Christian Bridge International).

After historical meeting.

Russian Church at Washington DC support us. Right to left: Pastor Victor Visotsky, Andrey Nekrasov, Sergey Sholokh (Ukrainian Radio Continent' President), Irina Volchansky and Natasha - Church leaders

Rev. Andrey Nekrasov with Lia Shemtov (Israel Knesset Member)

Our Ministry Partner in New York City is Beth Shalom Center.

Andrey Nekrasov with Tatiana Martsinkovskaya, who has sung the songs for our jingles
(photo: Christmas at "National" restaurant on Brighton Beach Ave. in New York)

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Our Radio Station' booth on NRB# 444. With our representative in US Alex Rublev (right).

With Dr. Ron Cline- HCJB Global.

With Rudi Wiens - Director of Radio TEOS Moscow.

With Pavel Linevitch (Christian Radio & TV in Kiev) and Vladimir Romanenko (Radio & TV in Caucasus).
Meeting with our listener. Her name is "baba Zina". She lives in a very small and deserted village, about 300 km East of Moscow. Summer time is so quiet there but, winter is very cold and a lot of angry and hungry wolves there, who are constantly howling... Baba Zina is listening to our Radio Station from Moscow every evening, her radio is always tuned to AM1503!